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Selected Publications

Selected Academic Publications


Turner III, D. C. (2020). Mobilizing Blackness: Analyzing 21st Century Black Student Collective Agency in the University. Berkeley Review of Education, 10(1), n1.


Turner III, D.C. (2018). # ResistCapitalism to# FundBlackFutures: Black Youth, Political Economy, and the Twenty-first Century Black Radical Imagination. Abolition: A Journal of Insurgent Politics, (1), 217-227.


Turner III, D. C. (2021). The (good) trouble with Black boys: Organizing with Black boys and young men in George Floyd’s America. Theory Into Practice, 60(4), 422-433.

Co-Authored Publications


Clay, K. L., & Turner III, D. C. (2021). “Maybe You Should Try It This Way Instead”: Youth Activism Amid Managerialist Subterfuge. American Educational Research Journal, 58(2), 386-419.



Serrano, U.; Turner, D.C., III; Regalado, G.; Banuelos, A. (2022).  Towards Community Rooted Research and Praxis: Reflections on the BSS Safety and Youth Justice Project. Social Sciences 11, 195.


Turner III, D.C., Serrano, U., Blume Oeur, F. (2022). “Everyone Gets the Same 24 Hours a Day”: An Intersectional Approach to Understanding the Time and Life Lost For Black Men and Boys. Getting Real About Inequality: Intersectionality in Real Life. Sage Publications p. 125-139

Non-Academic Publications


#MakeAfrocentricityRadicalAgain: Against the Conservative Turn in Afrocentric Thought and Practice


Black Berries, Self Love, and Anti-Blackness: A Hood Attempt to Explain Kendrick Lamar’s “Blacker the Berry”

Teaching is political. _Education is pol

Why I Didn’t “Make It Out” the Hood

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