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Organizing and Campaign Work

In this section, you will find some campaigns I helped to support with research, campaign coordination, strategy, or through public testimony. In all of these campaigns, I've worked collaboratively with other amazing organizers, or I helped to support their campaign work. I'd be happy to connect you to any of these organizers or advocates. Please go to the contact section and let me know which campaign you'd like more information on! 


Current Work


As the manager of the Brothers, Sons, Selves Coalition, I am currently helping to facilitate a community-based research project called the Safety and Youth Justice Community Survey. Across various community-based organizations in Los Angeles County, we are working to collect data from 14-25-year-old teenagers and young adults of color in order to develop a county-wide campaign for youth justice. 


In my role as the manager of the BSS Coalition, we are partners in the Alliance for Boys and Men of Color. We are currently supporting two statewide campaigns:


Senate Bill 419 (Skinner) Keep Kids in School Act 


This bill will end 48900(k) willful defiance school suspensions.


Assembly Bill 392 (Weber) California Act to Save Lives


This bill makes it mandatory for police officers to exhaust all forms of de-escalation before resorting to deadly force. If an officer resorts to deadly force and it's found that they could have used other tactics, they can be prosecuted in the court of law. 

In addition, I have been selected as a data fellow, where I will receive training on using both community-driven and public datasets for policy and systems change. 

Organizations I've supported and worked with

BLC logo.PNG

Role: National Co-Organizer


I helped to support Black college and high school activists in organizing demands on their campuses with a team of amazing organizers from across the country. 


Role: Campus Action Committee Chair (2015-2016)


In this capacity, I worked with student organizing directors from across the UC system to build a base of students on campus and mobilize for actions. Our largest mobilization during this time was the #MillionStudentMarch.


My Role: BLM Bay Area Berkeley Chapter Co-Lead (with Spencer Pritchard and AB). BLM Los Angeles supporter



In this capacity, I worked with BLM Bay Area to help co-facilitate meetings, provide writing support, and develop a political education plan. 


In the Los Angeles, region, I helped to support some of the direct action activities of BLM Los Angeles under the direction of Melina Abdullah, Ph.D.

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