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David C. Turner III, Ph.D. 

Educator, Community Organizer, Consultant, Scholar, Data Expert
Hey! Welcome to my webpage! On this page, you'll find examples of my work as an organizer, a scholar, a community-based educator, and a consultant. Please go to the "inquiries" link if you have any questions or concerns.

"Abolishing Carceral Society is a wonderful mix of provocative ideas married with art, to help us consider a world without prisons, policing, and surveillance. Many of the submissions, however, are less concerned with dismantling what exists than they are with taking seriously that abolition is a project interested in building and in practical organizing. This comes through particularly in David Turner's essay, among others. Abolishing Carceral Society asks us some questions that we sometimes prefer to ignore, like ‘What does it mean to transform human relations?’ This inaugural issue from Abolition pushes us to ask a number of questions that are important to moving us toward an abolitionist horizon."


Mariame Kaba, founder of Project NIA, and cofounder of Chicago Freedom School, Chicago Taskforce on Violence Against Girls & Young Women, and Love & Protect

In this interview for the  "Story of BLOOM" Video Project, I discuss why it's important for those who are most impacted to be involved in activism.

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